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Handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.

👋 Hey there!
Surprise! It’s Amrit again after a couple month hiatus. Some of you may be wondering if David Blaine made me vanish? Life’s been a rollercoaster - many highs and many lows. But today we’re back with Oxygen Mag.
Question: Do you use Whatsapp? I am looking for 10 beta testers who want early access to the Smokey, the friendly air quality chatbot, on Whatsapp? Reply to this email with your phone number. 🇮🇳

Handpicked Stories For You 🙌
🇮🇳 75% of India's air pollution-related deaths are rural.
💨 Through the smog-screen: on Delhi's air pollution
😷 Delhi’s air pollution headaches a microcosm of India’s own problems
🇳🇵 Nepal’s air quality is worst in the world: EPI report
🇳🇵 Poor air quality leaves Nepalis folk gasping for breath
🇨🇳 Air pollution tied to preterm births in China
🇨🇳 China’s toxic air: Beijing smog plummets but national progress slows
🇰🇷 Smog-coated South Korea declares pollution emergency
🇺🇸 Scott Pruitt needs to answer for what he's done to the EPA
🇮🇳 Raising Kids in Delhi’s Worsening Air
A Note From Smokey's Nest 🌲
👋 Oh hey! If you’re still reading this, please reply and say hello. I’d love to hear from you about what you’re working on and how I can help. Reading and replying to your emails is my favorite part of running Oxygen Mag.
Until next week,
-Amrit Sharma 😷Founder, AirAirAir and Smokeyhttp://twitter.com/amrit_sharma
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