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❤️ Issue 15: Top Air Pollution Infographics!

👋 Hey there, Good news! In this issue of Oxygen Mag, I'm not going to give you anything to read. You

Oxygen Mag

June 6 · Issue #15 · View online
Handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.

👋 Hey there,
Good news! In this issue of Oxygen Mag, I’m not going to give you anything to read. You know the cliché that “a photo is worth a thousand words”, well… a well-designed infographic is worth so much more. Most of the infographics out there are poorly thought out, but I’ve scoured the corners of the internet to find 4 special ones that are worth it. If you’re in a rush, you should check out the first one by the World Bank. It conveys so much more than just data. The data comes to life. (Surprise: Scroll to the bottom for some breaking news!)
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Handpicked Infographics For You 🙌
Frequent readers will notice that we only have 4 infographics here, instead of the usual 7-8 links. That’s because quality trumps quantity. By the way, if you have a designer on your team, you have a great opportunity to make some top notch infographics to really stand out.
😷 Death in the Air: Air Pollution Costs Money and Lives!
🏥 How air pollution affects your health!
🚀 Can houseplants improve your wellbeing and removing air pollution?
🚑 Death in the air: Pollution-related fatalities see sharp rise in Vietnam, India and Beyond
Breaking News 🔥
A Race to Develop Pollution Sensing Tech Plays Out in Oakland
A Note From Smokey's Nest 🌲
How may I help you? Over the past two issues I asked for your help and you’ve been so gracious with your replies. Today if we were sitting across the table from each other, chatting over coffee, chai or a beer, what might you ask me for help with?
Just hit “reply” and send me a note. I reply to every message, and will do what I can to help. (Yes, really!)
Until next week,
-Amrit Sharma 😷
Founder, AirAirAir and Smokey
New Delhi, India
P.S. Thanks again Smart Air Filters for your support in making this issue of Oxygen Mag a reality. 🙏
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