🔥 Oh Canada! Wild fires and Smoke across BC.





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August 8 · Issue #24 · View online

Handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.

Hey there,
It’s Amrit. As you know, Oxygen Mag is a weekly magazine with handpicked stories for people who care about clean air. In this issue, I’ve selected my favorite stories about the insane wildfires ravaging parts of British Columbia in Canada.
Breaking News: Today was a big day for Smokey. Some of you may have already heard on Twitter that our friendly owl can give you worldwide air quality data in an assortment of languages now. Click on any these to check Vancouver, BC’s air quality in any language you’d like: English, Hindi, NepaliSpanish, Mongolian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Malayalam, Dutch, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, RussianKorean, Turkish, and Klingon.

Handpicked Stories For You 🙌
This week we focus on Canadian wildfires. Unless you’ve been taking a vacation from the internet over the past week, you know that British Columbia in Western Canada - and Washington State in the NW corner of the United States are struggling with air pollution over the past few weeks due to rampant wildfires.
Kamloops experiencing worst air quality in its recorded history!
Health risk from smoky skies off the charts in parts of B.C.
Kamloops air pollution double the level that triggered 2015 ‘red alert’ in China
Air quality continues to be hazy over Metro Vancouver due to wildfires
WATCH: Quick-thinking B.C. boater sprays water on Kamloops grass fire
Seattle's air quality is worse than Beijing and Kolkata
Why so much smoke in Seattle from B.C. wildfires? ‘Nature’s air conditioning’ is broken, weather service says
Forest fires hit Indonesia, as scientists warn blazes are 'new normal'
Seattle area's AQI Forecast for this past Saturday. All unhealthy!
Seattle area's AQI Forecast for this past Saturday. All unhealthy!
A Note From Smokey's Nest 🌲
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Until next week,
-Amrit Sharma 😷Founder, AirAirAir and SmokeyNew Delhi, Indiahttp://www.airairair.org/http://twitter.com/amrit_sharma
P.S. Don’t tell anyone but Smokey is launching an air pollution map very soon. http://airairair.org/map 🗺️
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