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📊 The Science of Low-cost Air Quality Sensors!


Oxygen Mag

August 2 · Issue #23 · View online

Handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.

Hey there,
It’s Amrit. As you know, Oxygen Mag is a weekly magazine with handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.
Today, we’re joined once again by air pollution scientist Dr. Pallavi Pant to talk about the emergence and reliability of low-cost air quality sensors!
Dr. Pallavi Pant is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and conducts research on urban air pollution. She also runs a platform on air quality in India. You can follow Dr. Pant on Twitter, and also at @airsouthasia and @airqualityindia.
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🙌 Handpicked Stories For You
With Wearable Devices That Monitor Air Quality, Scientists Can Crowdsource Pollution Maps
Tiny sensors carried by pigeons can test air quality on the wing
Validate personal air-pollution sensors
Can we rely on DIY air pollution sensors?
PDF Report: Reliability of Sensors
Carnegie Mellon researchers develop inexpensive air quality monitors
This dress changes color to show how polluted your air is
How a Park Bench Monitors Air Quality on Chicago’s Southeast Side
↘️ Want more information and resources on low-cost sensors?
Check out the AirSensor Toolbox from US EPA, and the CITI-SENSE Citizens’ Observatories Toolbox.
🌲 A Note From Smokey's Nest
👍🏽 Thank you Dr. Pallavi Pant for taking the time to curate stories in this issue of Oxygen Mag.
Smokey is such a polyglot.
Smokey is such a polyglot.
🇮🇳 + 🇲🇳 + 🇲🇽 + 🇧🇩 + 🇮🇱 + 🇳🇱 ! I was hoping to tell you that Smokey now brings you real-time air quality data in many more languages: Spanish, Mongolian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Malayalam, Dutch, Bengali, Marathi, and Kannada. But they’re not live yet, but will be by tomorrow. :)
😷 Question Of The Day: Do you have an air quality monitor at home or at work? I’m curious to hear from you about your experience. 
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Until next time,
-Amrit Sharma 😷Founder, AirAirAir and SmokeyNew Delhi, India
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