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🔥 Wildfires and Air Pollution rock Australia


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January 5 · Issue #40 · View online

Handpicked stories for people who care about clean air.

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Thank you for your replies and tweets about the recent launch of It is my attempt to bring air quality forecasts and health advisories to our neighbors, nephews, aunties, cousins and their friends! Did you know that I recently added a 100 Most Polluted Places In India page that updates every hour with data courtesy of Dr. Sarath Guttikunda and the Urban Emissions team?
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Handpicked Stories For You 🙌
2010’s was the decade that climate change went from being a “problem for future generations” to an immediate unavoidable crisis for many more people around the world today. As you may have heard already, Australia is suffering from out of control wildfires. Half a billion animals have perished. Air Quality Index in Australia’s capital, Canberra, reached Seven Thousand Seven Hundred (7,700)! In this issue of Oxygen Mag, we dive deeper with stories you may have missed about it.
Next week, we’ll be joined by Dr. Pallavi Pant who has handpicked stories for you about the 2019 State of Global Air report.
Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison on climate change.
Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison on climate change.
😷 Canberra chokes on world's worst air quality as city all but shut down
🤢 Australia's raging bushfires are leading to air pollution in New Zealand
🤧 Millions of Australians Are Choking on Smoke From Wildfires - The New York Times
🤒 Air quality: How bad is Sydney's smoke for health?
🏏 Heavy smoke forces BBL match in Canberra to be abandoned
💔 ‘Heartbreaking’: 480,000,000 Animals Feared Dead in Aussie Fires
☠️ 'Silent death': Australia's bushfires push countless species to extinction
⚫ Scott Morrison brings a chunk of coal into parliament
A Note From Smokey's Nest 🌲
Emoji Air Pollution Map, powered by data from OpenAQ + NASA satellites.
Emoji Air Pollution Map, powered by data from OpenAQ + NASA satellites.
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